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How Frequently Should Facades of Buildings Be Washed?

How Frequently Should Facades of Buildings Be Washed?

High-quality and timely facade washing is the key to maintaining the presentable image of buildings in the eyes of their owners and guests. All the more so because you don't have to do the cleaning very often. In most cases, washing of facades once or twice a year (for shopping centers and office buildings) or 3-4 times (for private houses, cottages) is sufficient.

However, the frequency of cleaning is not a constant value. Depending on certain circumstances, the optimal frequency of cleaning may vary. We will consider this question in our today's material. And also talk about the methods and nuances of washing facades of buildings.

Methods for Washing Facades of Buildings

Washing of facades is performed in various ways. The choice of method depends largely on the material used for the facade and its area. The first parameter determines the selection of washing agents and detergents. The second factor influences the duration of the washing.

The optimal method of washing the facade depends on the height and structural features of the building. At present, the task is carried out primarily using two methods:

  • Washing facades manually. The mid-length method, which involves the use of hand tools, including screeds, mops, scrapers. Advantages of the method include neatness of processing, but the method is only suitable for non-high structures and requires a significant amount of labor.
  • Power washing Facades with Pressurized Water. In this case, washing professionals use special equipment that generates a powerful jet of water. This method allows you to quickly and effectively clean even the most inaccessible surfaces. The advantage of this method is that it is time-saving. However, it can leave streaks.
  • Washing facades with a telescopic hose (about 20 meters long) and deionized water through it is becoming more and more popular. This solution allows facades of buildings up to 6 stories high to be cleaned without leaving salt residue on their surface.

Recommended Frequency of Facade Washing

In most situations, washing facades twice a year is sufficient. It is advisable to carry out the work in the spring and fall, provided the temperature is above zero. In extremely rare cases, washing with antifreezing agents is used, but this only applies to the washing of facades of low-rise buildings. However, the requirements to the above mentioned works are quite strict, so not every washing organization accepts them.

If the building is located in an industrial area, washing its facade should be carried out more often. The reason for this approach is the increased air pollution typical of such areas. If the building is located away from roads and industrial plants, the facade can be cleaned only once a year. If one approaches the process competently and carries out quality washing, this frequency will be sufficient.

Unscheduled Facade Washing

In some situations, unscheduled washing of facades is used. For example, it should be carried out after construction and repair works aimed at renovating the appearance of the building. Even if the construction workers have done their job as clean as possible, there will still be a lot of streaks left on the surface. Hence, putting the facade in order would be a perfectly reasonable solution.

The same applies to so-called “sabotage”. There are plenty of connoisseurs of fine art in major cities who love to leave traces of their creative talents on the walls of houses. And this “artwork” appears not only on the facades of old high-rise buildings, but also on the facades of modern shopping centers.

Factors Affecting the Frequency and Cost of Washing Facades

As mentioned above, the optimal frequency of facade cleaning depends on the location of the building and the cleanliness of the surrounding area. Consequently, the annual cost of facade washing will be calculated by multiplying the price of a single cleaning by the number of washing activities. However, in some situations, special conditions and discounts can be applied. To find out more about them, simply contact Window Washing Expert and ask about the terms of service for washing facades. We will find the best conditions for you and provide first-class service in the agreed timeframes.

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