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Residential Window Cleaning: How to clean windows like a pro?

Residential Window Cleaning: How to clean windows like a pro?

Clean windows improve the appearance of the house and create a pleasant atmosphere inside. In private homes, windows are usually at street level, so they are easily polluted by dust and exhaust gases from the cars and not only. Precipitation, bird and insect waste leave behind ugly traces and streaks. And to ensure the proper level of cleanliness in your home, you should periodically wash your windows. Several times a year it is considered a decent frequency for getting your windows washed; at least twice: in spring and fall. Kitchen windows need a more often maintenance because of grease, oil and other food exposure. Dirtiness has a negative impact on people's mood, spoils the view and visibility and leads to rapid damage of windows. Doing projects requires effort and time. In that case, it's better to entrust the work to professional window cleaning companies. Trained specialists will clean your windows in the shortest time possible with the best quality tools and supplies. Our cleaners use modern technologies and environmentally friendly detergent solutions. We can wash all your house's windows in one day!

Window cleaning technology

Upon arrival at the designated house, our staff evaluates the amount of work, the type of pollution, and to that they match the detergents and cleaning solutions. We wash the windows both inside and outside.

Our window washing process includes:

  • Preparing the window: curtains and other decorative items are removed;
  • Scrape off traces of paint, scrub glass and wipe off streaks and other stains;
  • Clean the slopes and low tides;
  • Wash the screens and other accessories;
  • Final rinse with clean water, wipe off streaks and drying.

Our company is open every day! Our specialists will come out to you  any day, any time including weekends and holidays. Our washing service will not interfere with your plans. We also accept immediate requests and appointments.

Our equipment for window cleaning

Professional window cleaning is done using special equipment. It can be manual or with the help of tools. The well-known to everyone rags, microfiber cloths, sprayers, scrapers, brushes, buckets and tubs, are the conservative and an older method to clean your windows. On the other side, the steam generator washer, which, not only remove the toughest stains and debris, but also make the task easier for the cleaners. We use only certified hypoallergenic detergents that are safe even for kids' rooms. Our company offers a full range of window cleaning services for residential properties in Chicago and its suburbs at an affordable price.

Using the right cleaning techniques, great tools and tips you can clean the windows quickly, give them beauty, revive your home and increase the life span of your windows. And if you do not want to wash them yourself, you can just contact our company for help. We will help you keep your home clean and presentable.

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