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Seasonal window cleaning features

Seasonal window cleaning features

Seasonal window cleaning, whether in spring or fall, has become a tradition in any country by now, and washing off the dirt accumulated during winter from your windows and frames, is considered a part of the deep cleaning process of apartments, houses, and offices. However, that isn’t sufficient maintenance for the year, and it should be followed up by a second cleaning in fall to properly get ready for winter.

For cottages located outside the cities and towns, twice a year window maintenance is enough to keep them in good shape. For properties located in big cities where the air quality is a lot poorer, this routine may be insufficient. Seasonal window cleaning is done usually several times a year and only a professional window cleaning company can guarantee a proper and quality work.

Cleanliness and frequency of window washing

Today, windows of houses near big streets and busy highways can often get dirty just within a month after cleaning. For residents who live on the first floor, regular cleaning is especially favorable to increase the amount of light entering the apartment.A great amenity of top floor penthouses, especially in skyscrapers, is the magnificent view, which is required to be impeccable in any season.

In addition, regular washing not only improves the living quality of your home, but it also extends your windows’ life. A clean and smooth glass surface makes it more difficult for dirt to build up.

Contact Window Washing Expert and, even on a cloudy winter day, clean windows will give you the most light and the best view!

Another problem that frequent cleaning solves is eliminating hard water residues. These streaks and stains occur when raw water gets on the surface forming limescale and just like stains from acid rains or rust, it erodes the glass over time and leads to replacement.

Only regular professional cleaning that includes use of soft and non-abrasive products will help avoid these kinds of issues. However, this isn’t the only benefit of professional services.

Washing windows in winter and summer

Today modern apartments have many trendy features, and one of them is floor-to-ceiling windows. It takes a lot of time and effort to thoroughly clean large windows, and it can be especially dangerous on the outside of tall buildings. If you need to clean your windows in the cold season, a professional team, like Window Washing Expert, is your only option.

Seasonal window washing includes cleaning of both, the outside and the inside of windows. If you maintain your windows from the inside more often you can omit the seasonal cleaning, but not if you have people smoking in your home.

Our staff apply the best and the most efficient techniques to the process of cleaning windows. First, we remove any loose leaves, dust and dirt from frames and glass with tools like soft scrapers, rags, or soft brushes that won’t damage the surface. Next, the layer of dirt is thoroughly scrubbed and washed with our newest eco-friendly detergents. Lastly, thorough washing of the sills and final rinse.

This process is followed both in warm and in cold seasons, but for best performance at low temperatures professional cleaners have their ways to do it well. For example, it is taken into account that with low evaporation, the time to wash one window increases by an average of 15 - 20%, and the water temperature should not be too high so that the glass does not burst. Special cleaning agents are added to the solution that do not harm the window, while preventing water from freezing.

Window Washing Expert professionals will wash your windows at any height and any time of the year, using the best equipment with the most knowledge and experience. Our technologies allow us to remove any kind of dirt without leaving any streaks, static film, scratches, residue, etc.

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