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Why is it necessary to wash building facades?

Why is it necessary to wash building facades?

Washing your house siding is a necessary procedure because it allows not only to give it a fresh appearance but also to prevent early deterioration of the wall. There is a lot that buildings have to withstand because of weather elements like accumulation of dirt and dust as well as mold growth. Various fungus and salt deposits can quickly form cracks in the wall.

That is why washing of facades and providing the siding regular maintenance is essential. It is especially important to power wash the buildings that are located near industrial facilities and major highways like high-rise hotels, business centers, banks, hospitals, and health centers, etc.

Power washing with the help of professional equipment allows to get the most inaccessible places cleaned where it is simply impossible to install a crane or scaffolding.

Benefits of facade cleaning

  • perfectly maintains the aesthetic appearance;
  • protects the wall surface from premature deterioration;
  • a professionally cleaned house increases the chances of sale;
  • efficient cleaning after major remodeling or repair.

Why is it better to entrust professionals to power wash your siding?

Washing the facades is a rather laborious process. Firstly, using special cleaning tools is required, which are selected individually to each facade material. They effectively break down even the strongest dirt without damaging the surface of the facades.

Secondly,  specific skills are required to perform the work quickly and efficiently. In addition, in most cases it is necessary to complete the work at height using special equipment, since washing the facades of tall buildings is highly in demand nowadays. Window Washing Expert company cleans façades up to the 3 stories and guarantees a great looking building.

Thirdly, upon customer's request, after washing off the dirt and mold from the surface, a hydrophobic coating can be completed – it is a coating with a special protective composition that repels moisture and therefore prevents mold and mildew contamination.

Washing facades is a work for professionals who will not only select the appropriate means and methods, but also perform the entire range of work in a fairly short period of time.

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