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Why you need to clean your windows at least twice a year

Why you need to clean your windows at least twice a year

A regular window washing routine, recommended by professionals should be done twice a year, in spring and fall. This routine is suited for regions with four season climate and changing temperatures. Chicago and its suburbs belong to this region, as it has hot summers and very cold winters.

Washing windows twice a year ensures the safety of your health

Dust and debris constantly accumulate in layers on the windows, which over time becomes polluted with contaminants and worsens the air quality.
It is best if special eco-friendly cleaning products are used to wash the windows, not all of which are familiar to people who aren’t in the cleaning industry. What is typically used in window washing - hot water and ammonia for the shine - does not necessarily give the significant effect. This kind of mix removes only the top surface layer of dust and dirt, and it leaves behind a layer of residue which accumulates for years and can’t be lifted with regular cleaning products.

The recommended twice a year method is because of the different kinds of dust and dirt that lands on your window surface. In summer it’s  pollen from plants, and in winter it’s dirt and grime. By washing the windows, we penetrate these layers thoroughly to not allow accumulation of contaminants and pollutants on glass and frames that are harmful to humans and animals. Ventilating the spaces in your home can spread not only air already contaminated with impurities from outside, but also dust particles from everything that has built up on windows and frames.

Clean windows let in more light

Hygienists claim that people’s health is dependent on the amount of lighting indoors. It is for a reason that in old houses, there would be a window installed in bathrooms and powder rooms to allow more light in. Dirty windows reduce indoor lighting, and directly affects people’s health. The lighter the room, the better a person feels.

Regular cleaning extends the life of windows

Some particles in the water and minerals are harmful for your windows, creating small cracks and scratches in the glass before it deteriorates. And all of that is the result of long dust exposure. Window manufacturers recommend cleaning your windows regularly to extend their life and service.

After cleaning your windows, you will take a fresh look at the world: it will sparkle with new colors, and the view will not seem so dull and depressing. And like many other processes, it comes with its disadvantages; we could only think of one: there isn’t enough time for window cleaning. Usually, that is the most common excuse for not getting it done. You can entrust this task to professionals and have extra time to dedicate to your family or to other activities. Window cleaning services will pay off with a good mood, a bright room, and a beautiful clear view of the outdoor.

Window Washing Expert in Chicago offers quick and efficient cleaning process for your windows and frames so that when you ventilate your house, you can breathe in fresh and clean air instead of it being filled with dust particles and other kinds of pollutants.

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