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Why Your Drainage System Needs Regular Cleaning

Why Your Drainage System Needs Regular Cleaning

In order for the gutters to protect the building from water, it needs regular maintenance itself. Frequent checkup and cleaning of the gutters is a necessary procedure. Otherwise, their life will be significantly reduced.

How often should the gutters be inspected and cleaned?

It is usual to clean the gutters twice a year: in spring, when the snow has melted, and in fall, before winter starts. If there are trees growing near the house or building, then cleaning in fall should be more often. Falling leaves can clog the gutters and the down pipes,which can result in flooding the basement. In addition, it is necessary to inspect them regularly during winter for the formation of ice. If ice has formed in the gutters, it must be removed and cleared.

Regular care: how to properly clean the gutters?

Whether you have a plastic gutter system installed or a metal one, cleaning should be done using soft brushes. Do not use rough, metal tools that can damage the coating of parts. Large debris, such as leaves, branches, and sticks, is best removed by hand.

It is important to remember that during checkup and cleaning of the gutters, the drain funnels are covered to prevent debris from entering the pipe. The cleaning itself is done in the direction from the drains to the edge of the gutters. It is very convenient to use a leaf blower for cleaning. A powerful air stream cleans the gutter quickly and without much effort on the part of the owner.

Window Washing Expert uses water to wash away dirt and flush out pipes. Do not forget to open the previously covered drain funnels. It advised to use a powerful and thin jet of water. There are special spraying nozzles for cleaning you can attach to the hose, they are extremely convenient for this task.

Only regular and on time maintenance can ensure smooth functioning of the gutter system and protect your home from rain and melt water. With that said, do not neglect preventive maintenance and the gutters will serve you for a long time and remain in good condition.

Take care of your draining system, protect it from clogging, regularly perform maintenance to ensure long-lasting a high-quality service.

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