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Window Cleaning: A “tour” of the Special Aspects of the Procedure

Window Cleaning: A “tour” of the Special Aspects of the Procedure

“Windows are the calling card of an establishment and the 'eyes' of a house.” You’re quite familiar with this idea, right? And many of you have also tried to clean the windows by yourself. Grabbed a rag, a newspaper, a bottle full of liquid with a picture of nice, shiny glass on it, and got to work. And it seemed you got a great result. After all, a couple of smudges and paint stains left are no big deal. Besides, you spent at least 5 hours on window cleaning, and that means you can let these imperfections slide.

We offer to put it all in the past. In the past, the days when quality cleaning was not yet a thing, and the housewife alone handled all kinds of work. Now you can order window cleaning in Chicago and forget about that “bottle of liquid with a picture”, treat yourself to some free time and eliminate streaks and stains from your windows having enlisted the help of experts. It's all possible with Window Washing Expert. How does it work? We have prepared a detailed explanation of window cleaning to make things as clear as a bell for you.

Why Do We Need Window Cleaning?

Everything seems simple at first glance. Windows get dirty really fast, and since they occupy a large part of your wall, you need to clean them to make the room more visually appealing. There are many more reasons to order window cleaning, for example, because clean windows improve mood and attract customers.

In Residential Spaces

  • Light transmission. An important energy-saving criterion allowing you to save on indoor lighting. Clean windows allow up to 30% more light in; this is especially important in the fall and winter, when it gets dark much earlier.
  • Mood. Just picture yourself waking up in the morning, planning your day, making tea, and looking out the window. Wouldn't you agree that it is much more enjoyable to look through clean windows, instead of a layer of dust and dirt.
  • Allergy prevention. Windows are the ones that first take the “blow” from the street. Dust settles on the windows immediately. Regular window cleaning helps to avoid the accumulation of dirt, which can cause allergies even in healthy people.

In Commercial Areas

On top of the above reasons, window cleaning in public establishments helps to solve 2 important problems:

  • Attracting customers. This is not even up for discussion. A customer is more likely to visit a cafe or a store they can see the environment through the showcase. And to avoid a place with a layer of dust is firmly glued to the glass.
  • Maintaining the Image. An establishment or company claiming to be a market leader can not allow dirt in its premises. This also applies to the glass, which should be cleaned on a regular basis by professionals.

Why Call Window Washing Expert

At Window Washing Expert, we occasionally hear stories from our customers in Chicago and the suburbs who were hesitant to involve professional cleaners in their window washing and cleaning. Prejudices and myths held them back, but those were dispelled after their first visit to the specialists.

The benefits of turning to professionals are far greater than the fears associated with calling cleaning specialists.

  • Guaranteed results. You can clean your windows with household cleaning products, spend half a day and get a mixed result. Alternatively, you can call Window Washing Expert, which does not promise “streak-free windows”, but guarantees them.
  • Really clean windows. No stains, no adhesive tape and no soapy streaks. Our specialists use professional products and equipment that cannot be bought in ordinary stores and supermarkets.
  • Time saving. Generally, involving cleaning specialists for cleaning your premises means several hours of free time for yourself. Window cleaning is no exception: instead of wrestling with dirt, take a walk in the park or just take a break.

How It All Works

Professional window cleaning is very popular in Chicago. If you want to order the service, too, but are unsure, we suggest taking a look at how our cleaners work and dispel any doubts you may have.

  • A cleaning specialist examines the windows, and assesses the degree of dirt accumulation.
  • Using specialized products, they wash the plastic, casements, and rubber bands.
  • They use professional detergents only.
  • Removes residual chemicals and dirt from glass.
  • Removes spot dirt: paint stains, adhesive residue, cement, etc. A specialized cleaning solution is chosen based on the type of stain.
  • When the glass is completely clean, the specialist covers it with soap one more time and works on the surface.

Things We Don’t Do

  • we do not work with abrasive products since they scratch and deform the surface;
  • we do not use robots to clean the windows since such devices do not provide the perfect result that is achieved by cleaning the windows manually; 
  • we do not use household detergents since  such products produce only 10% of the effect of the professional detergents used by Window Washing Expert;
  • we do not offer industrial climber services and clean windows as high as the 3rd floor.

Window Cleaning in Chicago and Its Suburbs

Cleaning windows is not a whim. We recommend having your windows cleaned 4 times a year as the seasons change. Then your windows will always stay clean, and you won't have to deal with this difficult and not always pleasant chore. Leave it to Window Washing Expert.

If you still have questions or would like to get an estimate for window cleaning cost in your apartment / house / office in Chicago and its suburbs, then give us a call. Our manager will explain everything in detail and tell you everything about the peculiarities of cooperation with us.

Trust us, clean windows are not a problem. And with Window Washing Expert, it's reliable and cost-effective.

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