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Gutter Cleaning Services in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL
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Gutter Cleaning Services in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL

If you do not know who to trust to clean your gutters in the Arlington Height, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL the team at Window Washing Expert is here to help you with this issue!

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  • We utilize the most effective gutter cleaning methods in work of our company
  • Our specialists promptly carry out the gutter cleaning and providing you with best results
  • Window Washing Expert staff provide free phone consultations and estimates
  • We effectively remove old dirt and grime, including toxic and harmful fungi
Can a dirty and overflowing gutter affect the structure of a home or commercial building?

A gutter is a structural element of the roof that is installed to collect and direct the rainwater away from the building. Once the water gets in the gutters, it flows down the drain into the sewer or directly into the ground. Therefore, it is important to properly install the gutters and keep them clear of debris and flowing all year round.

If the gutters are left to back up the following issues may occur:

  • Unpleasant odor. The leaves and other debris in the gutters can start to rot and give off a foul odor. The smell of rot and the dampness can spread through your home.
  • New organisms. The dirt together with water can lead to mold, mildew, and other fungi growth. They can be harmful to your health, especially people who have allergies or respiratory problems.
  • Wall deterioration. Clogged gutters can overflow and start to bend, putting excessive weight on their structure and causing water damage to the siding and foundation of the building.
  • Roof damage. Water retention ok the roof can lead to leaks.

You can avoid these potential problems by hiring a professional gutter cleaning company in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL. We work! Call us now at (224) 394-4494 to discuss details.

Gutter Cleaning Company Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, Illinois

If you would like to order our professional gutter cleaning services dial us, let's discuss and make an estimate of the cost.

The best prices of gutters cleaning services in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL

  • House Size 1 story / 2 story / 3 story
  • < 2000 sqf $100 / $150 / $200
  • 2001 to 3000 sqf $125 / $150 / $200
  • 3001 to 4000 sqf $150 / $200 / $250
  • 4001 to 5000 sqf $175 / $225 / $300
  • 5001 to 6000 sqf $200 / $250 / $350
  • 6001 sqf or larger Call for price
  • Gutters With Guards Extra depending on sqft
The best prices of gutters cleaning services in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL

Each client gets a discount for the first cleaning! Find out the cost of gutter cleaning in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, Illinois right now

How can our gutter cleaning company help you
with your overflowing gutters?

Gutter Cleaning Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects

The best quality of gutter cleaning service in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL

  • Professionalism. Our gutter cleaning company in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects offers the best solutions for any situation. We consider the material and the structure of your gutter system;
  • Safety. Following all safety precautions, our specialists will clean effectively using appropriate equipment;
  • Attention to detail. Our team’s experts monitor each step of the process paying close attention to the existing problems;
  • Consulting. Our cleaners will effectively get your gutters function while giving individual advice to prevent future issues.
Gutter Cleaning Services in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL

What problems can clogged and dirty gutters cause and how can they be prevented?

Even a wrong approach to cleaning the gutters can damage them. Using the wrong equipment and course of action can damage the gutters even further. For example, a metal brush is too harsh and can even pierce through the gutter causing it to leak or overflow. In such cases you must call a gutter specialist to clean and repair your gutters where necessary. We advise not to let any more delays before you install new gutters besides having a damaged siding or foundation of your home.

When do you recommend seeking a gutter cleaning specialist?

It is recommended to clean you gutters every spring and fall. In fall, after the leaves have fallen but before the frost arrives, and in spring, after the trees have dropped their flowers and pollen. In winter, when heavy snow buildup melts during the day and freezes when temperatures drop overnight, it is common for ice dams to appear. After a few days of melting and freezing, the water can work it’s way up under the shingles and damage your roof and attic. When spring arrives, it is advised to clean your gutters after the trees have dropped their flowers, pollen, seeds, and fuzz. Typically, it starts mid-May through to the end of June. It is essential to consider the amount of rainfall and snowfall during each season. At Window Washing Expert we provide gutter cleaning services in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL at any time of the year.

Why should you hire Window Washing Expert specialists for your gutter cleaning?

We highly recommend hiring Window Washing Expert gutter cleaning services as our specialists have the necessary equipment and experience to complete the task quickly and efficiently. Additionally, any difficulties that may arise or your gutters may have, our cleaners can advise you on potential problems and how to solve them so you can save money and time.

How to prevent gutters from clogging?

To prevent clogging of the gutter, Window Washing Expert recommends that you take the following precautions:

  • Keep the trees and shrubbery on your property well maintained to reduce the number of falling leaves and debris that may end up falling into and clogging your gutters;
  • Install gutter guards to help trap leaves, branches and other debris which could otherwise fall into your gutter;
  • Make sure trash bins are closed and clean up any loose items that could be blown into the gutter;
  • By making sure your yard is free of any debris that could possibly fall into and clog your gutters you can improve the functionality of your drainage system.
  • Regular maintenance should be coupled with systematic professional gutter cleaning in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL with the help of our specialists at Window Washing Experts.

Why are you better off cleaning your gutters before they clog?

When a gutter becomes clogged it stops draining the water from the roof. This causes the accumulated water to remain on the roof and consequently seep through the entire building, damaging the walls, basement and even the entire foundation. This could cause a lot of structural damage and result in very expensive repairs. Therefore it is much more efficient and less costly to do regular gutter maintenance before they get clogged.

How are our gutter cleaning services priced?

The price depends on the area, the amount of work that needs to be done and the height of the building. These factors determine the difficulty of the job and thus the cost. To encourage regular gutter maintenance and cleaning Window Washing Experts offers discounts for regular customers. To see a comprehensive price list for all the gutter cleaning services we offer visit our website at Feel free to call our gutter cleaning company for a quote on the specific services you need for your building.

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