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Power washing services in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL
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Power washing services in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL

Professional power washing allows you to remove various contaminants from surfaces effectively. Our company offers pressure washing services in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL!

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  • We use only professional grade cleaning solutions and equipment in our work
  • After completing work, we provide advice on care and maintenance of the surface
  • The specialists of our company constantly improve their knowledge and skills
  • Our technology and techniques are environmentally friendly
Why is power washing service gaining popularity?

The benefits of pressure washing service are fast cleaning of the surface and water saving. Also, this method is great for effectively combating various contaminants. Here are the most common benefits:

  • Dust and dirt removal. The power washer easily handles dust and dirt on walls, floors, sidewalks, etc.
  • Animal markings. It is also great using power washing to remove animal stains from your pets’ outdoor activities.
  • Graffiti. You can remove spray paint and graffiti from walls, fences, and metal surfaces.
  • Pollution from factories. For buildings in urban and suburban industrial areas, our washers can clean surfaces of oils, grease, dirt, and other contaminants.
  • Mold growth. The method also perfectly deals with different bacteria and mold growth on the roof, walls, and sidewalks.
  • Corrosion. You can use professional power washing to remove pollution from metal rusting.

Pressure washing service in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL is very effective for both residential and commercial properties. Plus, it can save you money in the long run because it can significantly extend the life of surfaces and prevent the need for repair or replacement of parts.

Pressure washing services Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects | Window Washing Expert

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Prices for Power Washing services in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL

  • House Power Washing Prices
  • House Type One Side / Two Sides / Three Sides / Four Sides
  • One Story $110 / $180 / $240 / $300
  • Two Story $150 / $250 / $350 / $450
  • Three Story $200 / $340 / $460 / $580
  • Deck Power Washing Prices
  • Deck Sq. Ft. 100-299 / 300-499 / 500-699 / 700 and up
  • No Rails $180 / $280 / $350 / $400
  • Add Rails Add $40 / Add $80 / Add $100 / Add $120
Prices for Power Washing services in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL

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About the process of Window Washing Expert’s
power washing services

  • Start preparing for work. Before washing begins, Window Washing Expert specialists examine the surface that needs to be cleaned. They carefully inspect it for any damage. Our professionals remove loose debris like dirt/sand, and others contaminants from the surface first.
  • Power washing: The Window Washing Expert technicians adjust the equipment to the required mode. We use low pressure for surfaces with light contamination. For stubborn or long-term soiling, we use a higher-pressure setting. For a specific problem, Window Washing Expert specialists select the suitable cleaning detergent. All our workers have a wide range of professional solutions. Also, they consider such details as water temperature, angle of the jet, etc.
  • Final step: Treating the surface with protective agents, which allow them to stay protected and cleaner longer.
Pressure washing company near me Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects

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Why do customers choose Window Washing Expert for pressure washing?

The specialists of our power washing company in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL always find an individual approach to each customer and their case. Window Washing Expert is committed to providing quality pressure washing service at the best price.

This is a regular power washing service by our specialists. The steps can include additional individual requests. It can depend on the type and degree of contamination of the surface. In our work, Window Washing Expert uses all the necessary safety measures. So you can be sure that the item's surface will be undamaged. We use hypoallergenic cleaning solutions safe for children and adults sensivltive to chemicals.

Window Washing Expert already servicing Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL. Call and schedule your pressure washing service now!

Power washing services in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL

What is the cost of power washing at Window Washing Expert?

The price of pressure washing service depends on the item and size of the job. For example, power washing the facade of a one-story house will range from $110 to $300. Also, it depends on the number of walls to clean. To find out more about the cost of pressure washing service in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mt Prospects, IL, contact the staff of our power washing company by phone numbers listed on our website.

How to determine if you need a high-pressure or a low-pressure for the job?

To determine the level of pressure depends on several factors, such as the surface material, its condition, and the degree of contamination. The specialist of our company Window Washing Expert determines which pressure to use after examining the surface. However, it is essential to understand that in addition to that, proper angling and timing of the jet, water temperature are also as important. Therefore, we do not recommend the DIY method, if it’s your first time.

How long will a power washing service by Window Washing Expert take?

On average, the time required for a pressure washer ranges from a few minutes to several hours. It depends on the complexity of the task. For example, power washing a small sidewalk can take 15 minutes, while cleaning a large building can take several hours. To find out the approximate time estimate, you can call our managers.

Can you power wash pets?

No. This cleaning method is not suited for power washing your pets. The water jet is too strong and too harsh on their skin and coat.

Is it recommended to power wash your roof?

Many people argue whether or not you can power wash your roof. This type of cleaning is called soft washing. Roofing materials such as shingles cannot withstand water pressure, leading to leaks. We do not advise renting pressure washing equipment and cleaning the roof yourself. You may not have as effective results as experienced professionals, damaging the roof. Call us today! We guarantee high-quality power washing no matter the job!

What are the safety measures taken by Window Washing Expert specialists when providing a power washing service?

In our work, we care about safety in all cases. To avoid damage to the treated surface, our specialists choose the proper setting suited for each task and the appropriate cleaning detergent. As a result, you can rest assured that you contribute to the cleanliness of the environment. Also, our employees comply with all safety measures when working at height. Window Washing Expert specialists have the necessary equipment and tools to perform all tasks professionally.

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