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Power washing services in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood, IL
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Power washing services in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood, IL

Window Washing Expert is a company that will help you keep your building exterior clean with a pressure washing service in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood IL.

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  • We use effective detergents and professional equipment
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Pressure washing service: why and from
what is it necessary

Due to the influence of the environment, the outer walls, the roof of the building become dirty, covered with pollen, cobwebs, dust, etc. The appearance of such surfaces is important for both business owners and residents of private houses, as it forms an overall impression for customers, family members, and guests. Therefore, timely care is necessary, which will also help to extend the life of the cladding.

Regular high-pressure washing by professionals ensures that outdoor surfaces are kept clean all year round. Independent performance of work will not give the same high-quality result. Professional, unlike an untrained person, can:

  • successfully perform work at height;
  • deal with even the most stubborn stains;
  • reach hard-to-reach places;
  • prevent further contamination.

Contacting Window Washing Expert, you will save your strength and nerves, will not risk your health - you will quickly get the best pressure washing service result.

Pressure washing services Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood IL

We provide assistance to owners of commercial buildings and residential buildings. Contact us to order a pressure washing service in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood IL or ask a question.

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To effectively clean surfaces, not only special equipment and detergents are required, but also the appropriate skills and experience. All this is available to our employees. We deal with all types of pollution, including:

  • with stains of paint, varnish;
  • with moss, mold;
  • with salt deposits;
  • with traces of soot, rust;
  • with the accumulation of cobwebs, dust, dirt.

We clean the lining of wood, metal, stone, glass. The detergents used are selected for the specific case, as well as their proportions. They are absolutely safe for human health, and also do not deteriorate the appearance of the surface.

In addition to the walls of the building, we also wash roofs, driveways, sidewalks, verandas, etc. We have an individual approach to each client. The progress of the work is adjusted according to your requests.

Power washing service in our company | Window Washing Expert

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The best prices of power washing services in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood, Illinois

  • House Power Washing Prices
  • House Type One Side / Two Sides / Three Sides / Four Sides
  • One Story $110 / $180 / $240 / $300
  • Two Story $150 / $250 / $350 / $450
  • Three Story $200 / $340 / $460 / $580
  • Deck Power Washing Prices
  • Deck Sq. Ft. 100-299 / 300-499 / 500-699 / 700 and up
  • No Rails $180 / $280 / $350 / $400
  • Add Rails Add $40 / Add $80 / Add $100 / Add $120
The best prices of power washing services in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood, Illinois

Each client gets a discount for the first cleaning! Find out the cost of pressure washing services in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood, Illinois right now

How is pressure washing determined?

It depends on the following conditions:

  • how many floors in the building;
  • what is the area of treated surfaces;
  • how serious the pollution is.

Contact us for an accurate cost estimate for power washing services in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood IL. We will also advise on any other issues.

Order washing of external surfaces under pressure for any day - we work seven days a week, including holidays.

How is pressure washing determined

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According to the results of the assessment of the object, our specialists determine:

  • temperature of the supplied solution and the inclination of the jet;
  • duration of exposure to the material being cleaned;
  • pressure on the surface.

The pressure can be low or high. As the name suggests, low-pressure washing is gentle (but no less effective) cleaning. Most often, organic pollution - vegetation is washed off in this way. To remove them, biodegradable cleaning products are used.

As for high pressure washing, this method is used even for the most stubborn stains. For example, this way you can remove paint, varnish, corrosion products from ceramic, granite, glass, brick surfaces.

At the end of the process, in order to prolong the cleaning results, our employees apply special products. They protect surfaces from various environmental influences.

Power washing services in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood, IL

How often should exterior surfaces of a building be cleaned?

To keep your house clean, it is worth ordering a pressure washing service every year 1-2 times. However, recommendations may vary depending on the materials of the surfaces and their wear and tear. Our experts will tell you which frequency is right for you. The number of washes needed per year may increase if you have frequent buildup of cobwebs and other debris.

Why is it necessary to call specialists for power washing?

For a person who does not specialize in such work, power washing exterior surfaces can be an overwhelming and even dangerous task, because it is carried out at a height. Pollution can be of different types, of varying degrees, each will need its own proportions of detergents, a certain water temperature, etc. All this will be determined by a specialist. Moreover, you don't have to worry about the result.

How is pressure washing performed?

As the name implies, contaminants are washed off under the pressure of an aqueous solution. It is supplied using a special electric washer, which is installed in a certain position so that it is convenient to guide the hose. In each case, pressure, jet inclination and other parameters are adjusted.

What time of the year should I order the pressure washing service?

It is best to pressure washing in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood during the warm season, but at a moderate temperature. This will ensure the comfort of the specialist and quick, thorough drying of the surfaces.

Is it possible to wash the roof under pressure?

Yes, but there are some nuances - not all materials can withstand this method of washing. Therefore, it is important to turn to professionals - we can tell you if pressure washing is possible in this or that case. For example, it is not suitable for bitumen shingles.

What else cannot be washed with this method?

If you need to clean painted wood or lead paint, this method will be too aggressive. Also, it will not work for washing windows and gutters. Do not use pressure washing service for vehicles, pets or people. You can consult with our pressure washing company and our experts will tell you what and how to clean.

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