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Window cleaning services Barrington, North & South Barrington, IL
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Window cleaning services Barrington, North & South Barrington, IL

Window Washing Expert provides window cleaning services near me in Barrington, North Barrington, South Barrington, IL. Call us now!

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  • Our workers have the necessary skills and many years of experience
  • Window washing can be done inside, outside or both
  • In addition to glass, we clean frames, hinges, locks, window sills, awnings, ledges
  • We clean even the most persistent dirt, including after repair works

Professional window cleaning services

Regular ordering of window cleaning services will allow you to:

  • provide them with a presentable appearance. Business owners will be able to maintain their reputation in this way, and the owners of a private house will not have to blush in front of the guests;
  • improve visibility. It is much more pleasant to look into a window as clean as a whistle than a muddy one from dust and streaks;
  • take care of your health. All the dirt that collects on the windows is what we breathe. Moreover, even the one that accumulates outside can still get inside the room during ventilation. In advanced cases, mold appears on the structures;
  • increase illumination. Thanks to better penetration of sunlight, it will be possible to improve the microclimate in the room, provide comfort to the eyes, turn on artificial light less often;
  • extend the "life" of mechanisms and materials. Not only glass needs care, but also frames, locks and hinges. This will save you money on repairs later.

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The best prices for windows cleaning services in Barrington, North & South Barrington, IL

  • Number of Windows Inside & Out / Outside Only
  • 1-15 windows $120 / $90
  • 16-25 windows $150 / $110
  • 26-35 windows $180 / $130
  • 36-45 windows $220 / $150
  • 46-60 windows $270 / $180
  • 61-80 windows $320 / $210
  • 81-100 windows $380 / $250
  • 101-125 windows $440 / $290
  • 126-150 windows $520 / $340
  • 151-175 windows $600 / $400
The best prices for windows cleaning services in Barrington, North & South Barrington, IL

Additional Charges for professional window cleaning

French Style Window
French Style Window$3 per side
Storm Windows
Removable Storm Windows$4 each
Pella-Type Window Storm$5 each
Wood and Srewed on Storms (depending on size)$5 to $10 each
Picture Window Storm$20 to $50 each
Window Screens
Screen Washing$5 each
Screens Brushed$3 each
Other Services
Oversize Windows Larger Than 4'x6'$10 to $20 extra
Window Well Cleaning Including Window$10 each
Skylights$10 per side
Window Track and Frame$4 each window
Scraping$3 per side
Hard Water Removal (Chemical Wash)$10 per window
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Why you need to order window cleaning from specialists

Cost of window cleaning services

More about the service from Window Washing Expert

The windows of any building (both residential and commercial) need timely care. This is important not only from the aesthetic point of view, but also for the comfortable living or work. We work with windows of any type, size and in any quantity. The cost of the window washing service will also depend on these parameters (as well as on the degree of pollution, the height of structures, and the amount of work).

Professional detergents allow us to deal with any contamination: dust, dirt, traces of paint, glue, fungus, etc. Such compounds effectively clean without damaging the surface and are environmentally friendly and safe. We also have special equipment for working at heights, for washing and polishing windows, removing dirt even in hard-to-reach places.

We guarantee you a fast and high-quality washing result. As part of the service, we can clean not only windows from the inside or outside, but also ledges, windowsills and awnings. We can preliminarily prepare ourselves: remove mosquito nets and move furniture if it interferes with the process.

If the windows are dirty after repair or construction work, we will also cope with this task. Our experts will vacuum the structures, remove all kinds of dirt, clean the seals, polish and remove traces of chemicals and water.

Window cleaning services Barrington, North & South Barrington, IL

How often do windows need to be cleaned inside and outside?

In general, it is recommended to do this at least twice a year, but each case should be considered separately. We can advise you on this matter. For example, if your area has frequent rains or a lot of dust and emissions, then washing will be needed more often, up to once a season or even a month. And if you can order a service for your house as windows gets dirty, then it’s better for businesses not to wait for this moment, but to immediately schedule the visits of the masters, this will allow you not to create a negative impression on customers (for example, in a cafe).

Can you clean windows yourself?

It is not recommended to engage in this process yourself. Thoroughly washing all parts of the window is quite difficult, and doing it from the outside at a height is also dangerous. In addition, it is important to know which cleaning products to use for which stains, how not to leave unsightly streaks or even scratches on the glass. Only a specialist with experience will do everything at the highest level.

How is the window cleaning process performed?

Specialists remove dirt from windows using vacuum cleaners, scrapers and brushes. Clean ledges, windowsills, awnings and seals. Remove any traces of water. Glasses are polished using special compounds.

What will be the price of the window washing service?

When calculating the cost of window cleaning services, a number of parameters must be taken into account: the number of windows, their area, and the degree of their pollution. It also takes into account the height at which the work is carried out and what is included in the service: window washing the outside, inside, or both. For an accurate understanding of the cost, contact our window cleaning company in Barrington, North Barrington, South Barrington - the consultation is free.

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