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Window cleaning services in Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Riverwoods, IL
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Window cleaning services in Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Riverwoods, IL

Window Washing Expert provides professional window cleaning services in Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Riverwoods IL. Contact our company for more information and free estimate schedule.

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  • The company's specialists have many years of experience and a professional approach to window cleaning
  • We do indoors, outdoors, as well as on both sides of the window, depending on the client's needs
  • Masters can remove stubborn dirt from the surface of frames, hinges and other window elements
  • We work with contamination of varying complexity, in particular after construction work

Why you should leave window cleaning
to the professionals

Window care is not only for aesthetic pleasure, but also the basis of cleanliness both inside and outside the building. Not many people ignore importance to the fact that particles of dust and dirt settle on the surface of the windows, and subsequently on the lungs of a person.

Of course, window cleaning can be done on your own. However, the result of such care is not perfect. This is especially true for processing the structure from the outside of the building. A person who does not have the proper experience, physical training and a set of specialized detergents will not cope with this task thoroughly. Working at height is also a dangerous factor, the cost of which can even cost lives. Therefore, such a delicate and painstaking process should be entrusted to specialists.

Our company make competent approaches to washing windows in Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Riverwoods IL, taking into account the specifics of the materials from which they are made. In just a few hours, experts will provide crystal clear windows on both sides. Periodic maintenance of windows will keep them clean throughout the year.

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Regular window washing by a professional
window cleaners

Status appearance. Business leaders know that the facade of a building is its face. Therefore, the importance of cleanliness of windows, both externally and internally, is one of the main factors in its presentability.

Crystal clear visibility. The polished window, which is free from streaks, dirt and precipitation, is aesthetically admirable and provides an excellent panoramic view.

Fresh air. Airing the room is made at any time of the year, because oxygen is the basis of our life. However, few people think about what we breathe. With the flow of wind, all the dirt from the outer surface of the window enters the room, which settles on furniture, electrical appliances, walls, and even on us. Windows that have not been cared for for a long time are overgrown with layers of dust, dirt and even mold.

Room illumination. Perfectly washed windows provide better penetration of sunlight. Natural lighting "enlivens" the room: if there are flowers in the room, thanks to the sun's rays, they can begin to bloom again. And if you are busy with work, household chores or hobbies, even in cloudy weather with well-washed windows, you will have to turn on artificial light sources much less often.

Long-term operation of windows. Unfortunately, even the most expensive window structures lose their protective properties with careless maintenance. Neglecting to clean the frame, locks and hinges causes the fittings to become unusable, which subsequently entails their costly replacement.

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The best prices for windows cleaning services in Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Riverwood, IL

  • Number of Windows Inside & Out / Outside Only
  • 1-15 windows $120 / $90
  • 16-25 windows $150 / $110
  • 26-35 windows $180 / $130
  • 36-45 windows $220 / $150
  • 46-60 windows $270 / $180
  • 61-80 windows $320 / $210
  • 81-100 windows $380 / $250
  • 101-125 windows $440 / $290
  • 126-150 windows $520 / $340
  • 151-175 windows $600 / $400
The best prices for windows cleaning services in Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Riverwood, IL

Additional Charges for professional window cleaning

French Style Window
French Style Window$3 per side
Storm Windows
Removable Storm Windows$4 each
Pella-Type Window Storm$5 each
Wood and Srewed on Storms (depending on size)$5 to $10 each
Picture Window Storm$20 to $50 each
Window Screens
Screen Washing$5 each
Screens Brushed$3 each
Other Services
Oversize Windows Larger Than 4'x6'$10 to $20 extra
Window Well Cleaning Including Window$10 each
Skylights$10 per side
Window Track and Frame$4 each window
Scraping$3 per side
Hard Water Removal (Chemical Wash)$10 per window
Window cleaning Cost | WindowWashingExpert.Com

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Best window washing service near you

Best window washing service in Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Riverwoods

Why you should use Window Washing Expert's window cleaning service?

In addition to cleaning windows, we recommend taking care of the structures adjacent to it: cornices, awnings and window sills. If necessary, we can independently prepare a workplace if, for example, furniture blocks access.

As part of window cleaning after construction work, the company's specialists clean the surfaces, remove accumulated dirt from the seals. And powerful chemical compositions clean surfaces from building products. At the end of the cleaning, you can be sure that there will be no traces left.

You no longer need to be distracted from other important tasks and look for a way to remove this or that contamination. Our specialists of window cleaning service in Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Riverwoods IL will do everything themselves professionally and as quickly as possible.

Window cleaning services in Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Riverwoods, IL

How often should windows be washed from the outside and inside?

Windows are recommended to be washed on average twice a year. However, the frequency of cleaning depends on the terrain and floor. If the room is located next to a factory or a car wash, there are usually traces of emissions on the surface of the windows. And if you live on the lower floors, road dust quickly settles on the window construction, and then gets inside the room, polluting everything in its path.

Entrepreneurs, in order to maintain the status of the institution, should also not delay cleaning windows. You can check with our window cleaning company in Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Riverwoods IL for the specific frequency of washing in each individual case.

Can you wash your own windows?

Of course you can, but it is better to entrust this process to specialists. Self-cleaning of glass and window structures can be a threat to human life, especially if the window is at a height. The use of non-professional products can lead to rapid wear of the materials from which the windows are made. Thorough cleaning of the window is achieved only by using special tools and cleaning equipment. In addition, our masters select a specific solution for each specific problem.

How professional window cleaning is done?

Craftsmen use a combined approach to the problem: they use special equipment, brushes, scrapers, detergents and other materials that are necessary in their work. In the process, even hard-to-reach elements are cleaned: seals, cornices and canopies. And the impeccable cleanliness of the glass is achieved by using special products without the risk of leaving microcracks on the glass surface.

What is the cost of window cleaning service?

The price depends on the number of windows, their surface area, the complexity of contamination. Floors and additional window washing services also affect the cost. To evaluate your case, we recommend that you contact the Window Washing Expert managers for a free consultation. They will clarify all the parameters with you and, based on them, calculate the exact cost of the window cleaning service.

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