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Window cleaning services in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood, IL
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Window cleaning services in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood, IL

We recommend you to order window cleaning service regularly to ensure comfortable conditions in the office, institution or at home. Our window washing company in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood IL is always ready to help.

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  • Thoroughly clean all structural details, including awnings and ledges
  • We get rid of any dirt and polish windows to a shine
  • Get the job done with ease thanks to our special equipment
  • Our company use only safe yet effective chemicals

Window washing service benefits

If you often do spring-cleaning and pay enough attention to the windows, this is commendable. However, without proper preparation, it is difficult to completely clean the structures, especially from the outside, without leaving behind a speck or a scratch. If the window is at a height, then doing such work is also dangerous for the average person.

This is why professional help is important. The specialist knows how to get rid of various types of dirt, including the most persistent, and achieve perfect cleanliness. Our employees have extensive experience and all the necessary skills for such tasks. If you need window cleaning after repair or construction work, even in this case, with the help of specialists, you can easily get an excellent result.

Whether you are a business owner or homeowner, you need to keep your windows clean all year round anyway. Contact us and we will tell you more about window cleaning service near and in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood IL, make a calculation, and choose a convenient time for the arrival of cleaners.

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Window washing Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood IL

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The best prices for windows cleaning services in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood, IL

  • Number of Windows Inside & Out / Outside Only
  • 1-15 windows $120 / $90
  • 16-25 windows $150 / $110
  • 26-35 windows $180 / $130
  • 36-45 windows $220 / $150
  • 46-60 windows $270 / $180
  • 61-80 windows $320 / $210
  • 81-100 windows $380 / $250
  • 101-125 windows $440 / $290
  • 126-150 windows $520 / $340
  • 151-175 windows $600 / $400
The best prices for windows cleaning services in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood, IL

Additional Charges for professional window cleaning

French Style Window
French Style Window$3 per side
Storm Windows
Removable Storm Windows$4 each
Pella-Type Window Storm$5 each
Wood and Srewed on Storms (depending on size)$5 to $10 each
Picture Window Storm$20 to $50 each
Window Screens
Screen Washing$5 each
Screens Brushed$3 each
Other Services
Oversize Windows Larger Than 4'x6'$10 to $20 extra
Window Well Cleaning Including Window$10 each
Skylights$10 per side
Window Track and Frame$4 each window
Scraping$3 per side
Hard Water Removal (Chemical Wash)$10 per window
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Cooperation with Window Washing Expert

Perfect cleanliness after the work of our window cleaning company is achieved due to:

  • many years of experience and skills. All our workers are specially trained for high-quality cleaning of windows and many other surfaces;
  • professional inventory. Masters bring with them all the necessary tools and equipment that will help you climb to heights and get rid of pollution even in the most inaccessible places;
  • effective detergents. They allow you to thoroughly clean every detail of the window, but at the same time do not damage the surfaces and mechanisms, do not have a detrimental effect on the health of people, animals, and the environment.

For us, the material, size or shape of windows is not important - we will cope with any task promptly and at the highest level. We will clean windows inside and outside, as well as awnings, windowsills, ledges. We will not miss locking mechanisms that require special care, and, of course, seals.

If necessary, we will carry out preparations for washing: we will remove the nets and move the pieces of furniture. Get rid of dust, dirt, traces of glue and paint, mold and other contaminants. We polish the windows with the help of special compositions. After the completion of the work, there will be no traces of chemicals and water, no streaks, stains and scratches.

Window cleaning services in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Highwood, IL

Why is it undesirable to undertake window washing on your own?

You may periodically take care of the windows during cleaning around the house. However, you can get a really high-quality result only from the work performed by specially trained people. Especially when it comes to neglected pollutions (for example, after repairs or after a long absence of care). Windows from the outside are particularly difficult to clean properly, and can even be dangerous. Moreover, a professional can do it well.

What is the recommended interval for window cleaning?

Everything depends on the conditions in which your building is located, on its purpose, materials, etc. In general, it is best to wash windows at least twice a year. If you often observe the accumulation of dirt, then, of course, it is better to call cleaners more often. In some cases, it may be necessary to do this once a season or once a month.

How are windows washed?

For this, our window washing company use professional vacuum cleaners, brushes, scrapers, as well as environmentally friendly detergents. All this allows you to achieve perfect cleanliness, while not damaging the windows. First, specialists carry out preparations for the process, if necessary (for example, they remove the nets). Then, for several hours, the windows are vacuumed and washed, all possible stains and marks are removed. After the windows are polished.

How can I find out the exact cost of window washing service?

Write or call our company. We will calculate the price of window washing service depending on the specific case: need you wash windows from the outside, inside or both, whether specialists will have to work at height, how many structures need to be washed, and so on.

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