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Window cleaning services in Northbrook, IL
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Window cleaning services
in Northbrook, IL

Our company provides professional window cleaning services in Northbrook IL assistance to owners of residential and commercial buildings.

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Cleaning windows in commercial and
residential buildings

Regular maintenance of windows allows you to keep them in perfect cleanliness all year round. For businesses and residential buildings, this makes it possible to provide a comfortable and attractive environment for living, working, receiving guests and clients. However, it is not just about aesthetics, there are other reasons to order a window cleaning service:

  • health care. Collecting dust on windows inside leads to breathing difficulties, especially if there are allergy or asthma sufferers in the house. Dirt from the outside can also penetrate inside when airing, which will further aggravate the situation. Mold and fungus may develop;
  • providing good lighting. Clean glasses transmit the sun's rays much better than dirty ones, and this saves on electricity, and prevents eye problems, and just a pleasant environment in the room;
  • increase the service life of materials. Timely washing will prevent the failure of mechanisms, the deterioration of the appearance of wood or porous plastic. Moreover, the hinges and locks must be cleaned so that they do not subsequently rust.

To maintain cleanliness, it is recommended to order professional window cleaning in Northbrook IL at least twice a year. In big cities, polluted areas, you may need to do this more often, even once a month. Call us now at (888) 986-6566 to discuss details.

Cleaning windows in commercial and residential buildings | WindowWashingExpert.Com

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Why you need to order window cleaning service regularly

In general, it is recommended to call the masters several times a year, but is such frequent maintenance really necessary? Yes, otherwise the following troubles may occur:

  • there will not be enough light in the room. This, of course, is harmful to vision and general well-being. Will have to resort to artificial lighting more often;
  • it will be unpleasant to look at the street through the window. It seems like a trifle, but for business it is a reputation, and for residents of the house and guests it is comfort;
  • the building looks untidy from the outside. And this is also a damage to the company's image or a bad impression made on the guests;
  • it will be harder to breathe. Especially if a person suffers from asthma or allergies. This is a consequence of the accumulation of dust and dirt, not only inside, but also outside, since when airing everything can get into the room;
  • mechanisms and structures will have to be repaired or changed. Hinges and locks can break under the influence of pollution, and window materials (plastic and wood) can deteriorate.

Agree, these are too many risks. And to avoid them, it is enough to establish cooperation with a professional window cleaning company in Northbrook IL. Window Washing Expert is waiting for your request – we are ready to help you to put your constructions in order on a one-time or regular basis.

Call our window cleaning company now at (888) 986-6566 to discuss details.

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The best prices for windows cleaning services in Northbrook, IL

  • Number of Windows Inside & Out / Outside Only
  • 1-15 windows $120 / $90
  • 16-25 windows $150 / $110
  • 26-35 windows $180 / $130
  • 36-45 windows $220 / $150
  • 46-60 windows $270 / $180
  • 61-80 windows $320 / $210
  • 81-100 windows $380 / $250
  • 101-125 windows $440 / $290
  • 126-150 windows $520 / $340
  • 151-175 windows $600 / $400
The best prices for windows cleaning services in Northbrook, IL

Additional Charges for professional window cleaning

French Style Window
French Style Window$3 per side
Storm Windows
Removable Storm Windows$4 each
Pella-Type Window Storm$5 each
Wood and Srewed on Storms (depending on size)$5 to $10 each
Picture Window Storm$20 to $50 each
Window Screens
Screen Washing$5 each
Screens Brushed$3 each
Other Services
Oversize Windows Larger Than 4'x6'$10 to $20 extra
Window Well Cleaning Including Window$10 each
Skylights$10 per side
Window Track and Frame$4 each window
Scraping$3 per side
Hard Water Removal (Chemical Wash)$10 per window
Window cleaning Cost | WindowWashingExpert.Com

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Why window washing services with our company

Window washing services with our company

Window washing services after repair and construction

A separate challenge is washing windows after repair or construction works. But this is also within our power. As part of this service, our workers:

  • vacuum windows;
  • remove stains;
  • clean the seal;
  • polish glass;
  • remove traces of water.

It will not be easy for an unprepared person to cope with such a range of work on their own, especially when it comes to windows from the outside.

Contact professional window cleaning company in Northbrook IL - so you cannot worry about the result. Just a few hours and your windows will shine. We are ready for one-time or permanent cooperation with each client.

Window cleaning services in Northbrook, IL

How often do you need window cleaning?

The required minimum is twice a year. However, a lot depends on the conditions of the area in which you live, and on the time of year. If there are bad weather conditions outside the window, active traffic, a lot of dirt and dust, it is better to order a wash more often: once a season, a month, or just as it gets dirty. With our company, you will get perfectly clean windows without streaks. Order window washing in Northbrook IL at the best prices - we guarantee an excellent result.

Why is it better not to clean the windows yourself?

Such work is quite laborious, and sometimes even dangerous (if carried out at a height). We need lifting equipment, vacuum cleaners, brushes, scrapers, effective and safe chemicals, and knowledge of how to deal with certain contaminants. Professionals without any problems will put your windows in order, and you do not have to spend time and energy on it.

What are the steps involved in window cleaning?

A comprehensive service involves removing dirt from internal and external glass, washing canopies, ledges, windowsills, cleaning seals, removing chemical and water residues, and polishing. Your windows will shine from cleanliness thanks to a professional approach, using high-quality cleaning products.

How much will window cleaning cost?

The exact cost will depend on how many windows need to be cleaned, how big they are, whether they need to be washed inside, outside or both, how severe the contamination is, how high the structures are. To find out how much your particular case will cost, contact our window washing company in Northbrook IL - we will calculate the price for free.